DIY Desk Decor | Easy & Inexpensive

I should probably add Part 1 of many to this title because trust me, there will be many. I recently decided to get a new desk for my room because in my opinion, that’s where I will be most productive-and editing and blogging on my bed just wasn’t cutting it anymore. My new desk makes me giddy because I’m a stationery obsessed creature and I just love working-yes, we know about my #workaholic tendencies. Now my desk will have my glued.

But before it makes me able to sit by it for an ungodly amount of hours, it has to look ah-mazing- obviously. But me being me and DIYs being my OBESH, I couldn’t help myself but come up with a few DIYs to help me get started on what will soon be a long drawn out desk journey. Who’s with me!

Here’s the video and don’t forget to thumbs UP and subscribe so you’ll be the first to see any new additions to my desk.

The best part of all my DIYs is that you barely have to buy anything at all. Like legit. All of my DIYs are usually made with unconventional things you have right at home- and yes, I’m super proud of that.

Materials for the Pencil Holder

– slab of wood [makes it elevated and it just looks much more chic]

– tin cans

– gold spray pain [or do what colour makes you happy]

– hot glue



Materials for the Box Lid Bulletin Board

– box lid [as if that wasn’t obvious already]

– fabric [you can even use old clothes!]

– hot glue


Materials for the Box Lid Chalkboard

– box lid [well hello there]

– chalkboard paint

– foam paint brush or whatever suits you to paint


This is essentially the overview of what my desk looks like and I’m in love. I cannot lie. Everything turned out way better than I expected it to and I cannot wait to get getting my hands dirty!





Let me know in the comments below which was your fave DIY!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


8 thoughts on “DIY Desk Decor | Easy & Inexpensive

    • Aww thank you! But funny story is that my desk is SUPER old but I painted it up and it looks so great now! Since it’s sooo old I have no idea where it was bought :( Sorry I couldn’t help more!


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