About The Classy It Girl!

The Classy It Girl is someone that I conceived based on my own life- someone who I aspired to be.

I always had the idea of a supergirl, a girl who had everything – an It Girl.

But really and truly, an ‘It Girl’ in today’s society is often misconstrued as taboo- as if it’s bad to be one. I couldn’t disagree more. Who wouldn’t want to be a role model and inspiration to up and coming It Girls? Who wouldn’t want to live a fulfilling life and be the best person that they can be? Who wouldn’t want to have it all?

The Classy It Girl is the girl defined mainly by the following:

1.A Girl who is strong and confident in herself.

2.She knows what she’s about.

3.She has goals/aspirations.

4.She knows what she stands for: aka she has morals

5.She has a sense of responsibility, not only to herself, but to others in her community, country, and the world. 

6. A girl who has priorities and can organize herself and her life, in such a way that she believes she can accomplish anything. And she sure can!

7.A girl who lives her life to the fullest. 






26 thoughts on “About The Classy It Girl!

  1. Hello,

    Just a small note to tell you that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am new at blogging but I love your blog and I hope you get the chance to read my post http://irenavanillia.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/and-the-nominees-are/ . The post is at the same time a tag post but if you dont feel like it you do not have to do the Q&A part as I guess this has not been your first tag or nomination!!!

    Happy blogging !!




  2. hey :)I absouluteyl love your youtube channel and your blog :) (you’ve got a new subscriber :D )
    Your so inspiring too.
    If you can please try and check my blog :- ateenagegirlblog.wordpress.com it would mean alot :)
    Thank you :D
    Have an amazing holiday :)


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