DIY Birthday Box / Birthday Care Package

It’s a NY and birthdays are in full swing- one of which happens to be mine. IDK but having a birthday in the early months of the year just feels so rushed. It’s like one thing to the next-not to mention the fact that you get to be “older” than the rest of the people who would be the same age as you but who have birthdays towards the end of the year. If that makes sense. But I’m sure people who are born in Jan/Feb know what I mean.

This particular DIY also has 2 giveaways for my international viewers aka anyone in the whole wide world. Two people are gonna win the birthday boxes that I put together in the video. Check it out to find out how you can win one! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more #DIYITGIRL videos!

These are perf for your friends- especially those who’re living away from you- because you can fill it up with a ton of little things that they like. It’s like you’re bringing the party to them even if you can’t physically be there.

P.S. for someone you are giving it immediately too, you can put a real cupcake in it! I used cupcake holders and sprinkles in this video because obv I’m not shipping a real cake halfway across the world. You can also put cake mix but in my case I didn’t since these are for the giveaway and I don’t know who would have a problem with what. BTW, I have a love affair with red velvet and confetti these days.


Ideas for your birthday box!

Ideas for your birthday box!

Cute candles are a must!

Cute candles are a must!


Gotta have sprinkles!

This fun little bunting is an easy DIY for the box lid so when the box is opened, you get your own special greeting!


Don't forget the birthday cards!

Don’t forget the birthday cards!


I really hope you enjoyed this idea and find it useful!

XO, Roxy!



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