My Birthday Wishlist | 2015

The big day is right around the corner and besides the fact that I’m shaking and quaking…

Actually no. Scratch that. I’m freaking terrified. TBH, I would be totes be That Girl who lies about her age #sorrynotsorry

One thing about me is that I find any excuse to buy myself something. For instance, in 2014, I bought my “Christmas gift” in August followed by my “Birthday Gift” and then followed by some other miscellaneous bs that was for my “New Year’s Gift”. Okay well maybe it’s just my inner shopaholic justifying my actions or maybe taking her revenge on being “controlled”. SMH. Controlling be-aches always get the best of you right?

Here are the items on my Wishlist-and NO, I don’t expect anyone to get them for me but they are things that I’m definitely gonna be getting for myself sometime in the far great future [I mean do you see that Tiffany’s Solitaire??]. Shop the post below!


1. Lauren Conrad Beauty

I had Style for years now but I never managed to get my hands on Beauty.                                                     Fact about me: Lauren Conrad is my idol.

 2. Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Anything Chanel is worth obsessing over- but a classic [literally] like this one is totally a drool-worthy necessity. Ya dig.

3. Apple iPhone 6 in Gold

Gasp. I know this one is probably a shocker cause anyone who knows me knows I’ve always been an Android girl, but tbh the only reason I loved Android > Apple was because of the screen comparison. What can I say- I like it big [yes, I totally went there]. So when Apple came out with the iPhone 6 with a screen just as comparable to my S3, I was in heaven. I mean the gold? HULLO! It does help that my S3 has a few probs which totally justifies me getting a new phone right?

 4. Christian Louboutin So Kate

Need I say more? Let’s just say I’m a huge fan of classic and staple beauty pieces that just happen to be a freaking amazing pair of heels!

 5. Tiffany & Co. Solitaire Diamond Earrings

They did say diamonds are a girl’s best friend! I love the minimalist vibe that this gives. It’s so dainty and elegant and definitely something I would invest in one day.

6. Frends x Baublebar Headphones in Layla (Rose Gold)

I have these Sony headphones in white but ever since I found out about Frends headphones, I wanted Layla in al her rose gold perfection. But then when Frends teamed up with Baublebar, I legit got that knee-buckling feeling. I. Need. These. Like. Now.

 7. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in LA Pétillante &  L’Adorée

I am a huge fan and collector of anything Rouge Allure Velvet from Chanel. Everytime I’m in NYC, I hound them down and these babies are limited edition so it only makes sense I have to get them right?

Okay I know these gifts are super over the top but hey, a girl can dream right? And besides, I’m the girl who works her A-S-S off for everything so these are no exception. #independentlady

What is one thing you wish you could get for your birthday??

XO, Roxy!


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