DIY Desk Organization & Tips

Hello my loves! Hope you had an amazing weekend. I had some up and down days which is expected since I am on meds so I do occasionally snap but other than that, I know I’ll feel better in time.

This is the first DIY of 2015 and I am sooo excited to share it with you! If it’s one thing about me, I’m very fickle in keeping my room the same. I change it up ALL the freaking time- as you probably know by now. Since I got new yummies at Target [Dollar Spot Haul], I realized that I just had to stop sticking to the all white theme and just add some pops of colour-not just gold. But yes, POPS of colour like mint/turquoise, pink and obviously gold. Shush, I can’t help it. White and gold is everythangg.

Oh, and I’m also excited cause I finally chose a hashtag for my channel DIYs- #diyitgirl as in like DIY it, girl *snaps fingers*. See what I did there? Anyway hope you like the hashtag and the video!!

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Overview of my desk area

Overview of my desk area


Target Dollar Spot buckets are ideal for storing stationery!

These are Yoobi mini highlighters btw and I am obsessed with them! Yoobi is by far one of my stationery brands.


Use old candle jars to store stationery- glass gives the illusion of more space!


Adding a piece of canvas the ultimate way to chic-it-up!


Used an old Kate Spade box lid to store some bits and pieces like paperclips. stamps & pushpins!

Which inspiration wall idea do you like more? The washi tape or the clothespins?


Inspiration board! You can use washi tape to stick your pics or you can do a mini clothespin line.


Obsessed with this clipboard dashboard! It’s really such easy access to your sticky notes.

Use cute boxes you don’t wanna throw away as storage!


I didn’t want to throw away my Ladurée macaron box and I’m glad I didn’t because it’s the perfect holder for washi tape!


This picture frame desktop try looks so chic on my desk. It’s so easy to make and it’s customizable so you can switch it up anytime you want!


I used it to display the things that I like having readily while I’m working.

Hope you enjoyed these DIYs as well as any little organization tips you may have picked up along the way. If you do make anything be sure to share it with me on instagram or twitter with the #diyitgirl

Love ya lots!



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