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4 Girly Must Haves Dresses

4 Girly It Girl Must Have Dresses:

There are 4 dresses which all Girly It Girls should possess. They don’t have to glammed over the top or ridiculously expensive. They just have to be wearable, as in you can wear them more than once and just jazz it up so that it won’t look as that’s the only dress you have, and like I said before, they definitely do NOT have to cost much (Note: I’m from Trinidad and I like Cute and Bellissima  as my mini online shopping boutique)

# 1 The Classic Mini Black Dress

This is the Dress you can dress up, down, and any way that you’d like. You can add so many colours to a mini black that you can even make it look like a completely new dress! Perhaps you can add a red band around the waist area, or try a new bando, wear a different pair of heels…do something! A mini black dress is more than versatile, and can be worn at dinner parties, cocktail events, formal events and other functions such as weddings or even a simple girls night out.

I like this one by Cute and Bellissima:

 #2: The Hot Red Dress

Girly It Girls can more than demand attention without actually grabbing the attention in the wrong way.

We Girls know how to stand out at an even where most people would wear the typical mini black dress. Depending on the dress cut and style though, it’s not advisable to wear The Red Hot Dress at a very formal or high profile event.

You can always check out the link on How to Wear a Red Dress

The particular dress that I love is  a bit daring and sexy, more for the I’m-going-to-stand-out-in-a-sophisticated-yet-sexy-way.

#3: The Elegant White Dress

This dress is for maybe going out to a restaurant with your chicks for a birthday, or formal events (NOT WEDDINGS, Girly It Girls know that they’re never supposed to compete with the Bride!). A cocktail party is perfect for this type of dress and it’s worn to be seen as a breath of fresh air, and doesn’t have to be as sexy as the black or red dresses. Stick to the theme, which is simple, yet elegant.  

My pick-        

#4: The Pretty in Pink Dress

 What Girly It Girl doesn’t have a pink dress? This is like the all purpose dress, for the occasions where you have the what-the-heck-d0-I-wear-moments. Keep it simple. You’re not looking at it as being a club dress or a cocktail dress necessarily. 

I absolutely love this dress because it’s so simple and the way it just seems to flow over her body makes it perfect for a wear-anytime occasion. 

Hope you Enjoyed this, and remember, it’s all about having great basics for a very low price, because you want these outfits to be not only durable, but also dresses that you can jazz up or cool down, regardless of the occasion. 

See you soon, 

Love Always, 

Girl It Girl Forever <3