LADY x LEOPARD | Fashion Post

Okay we know my serious obsesh for all things animal print. There’s something so wild, so free about it. Maybe it’s my subconscious trying to tell me something. *coughs* If you look closely (okay not that closely) you can see … Continue reading

Dainty x Denim | Fashion Post

Beauties! Since my birthday is coming up, I decided to be a bit proactive and start the process of choosing an outfit. Mind you, I have absolutely no plans whatsoever but who cares right. #Awks And besides, they could always … Continue reading

Fall Fashion Faves- Choies Sweatshirts

Fall is that time for pumpkin spice- and well pumpkin everythangg in general. Fashion-wise [now we’re talking!!] it’s the time for darker hues, cranberry and oxblood colour schemes, leggings and of course, the fall fashion must have: sweatshirts. There’s something … Continue reading