Foil Baked Sweet Potatoes

Since I’m so over theĀ eating crap phase, I try to make sensible substations in my diet so I won’t miss anything too much. Like potatoes. Normal potatoes are really so ick when you start eating sweet potatoes. The taste becomes … Continue reading

Healthy Life Hacks | REAL ways to Lose Weight

Hello my loves, so forever, you know that I struggle with my weight but this July, I decided to take my health and weight seriously and as a result, I lost more than 15 lbs and I couldn’t feel happier. … Continue reading

3 Ridiculously Healthy Snack Ideas

In my last post and video, I share how 3 Protein Packed Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas which many of you enjoyed. As promised, once that video crossed 300 likes, I decided to do some healthy snack ideas. Now, many … Continue reading

Grilled Avocado with Fresh Tomato and Pepper Salsa

Hello my loves! Welcome back to #theclassyitgirldishes Did you see what I did there? Since I’ve cut out all the icky bad carbs from my diet, I’ve been focused on eating as much fruits and vegetables as I possibly can- … Continue reading