Little Acts of Kindness

In our busy day and lives, we often forget about the simple little things- like smiling, wishing someone a good day, giving someone a compliment and the list can go on. This week after coming from work, my hands stacked full with papers to mark [they are still waiting], I was running through the bus terminal to catch a car a few streets away.

I had my shades on and that don’t-talk-to-me-I’m-busy look plastered onto my face as I passed a little old man playing the violin in the hustle and bustle of the city. Now this may be something really familiar to those of you who are living in mega cities where there are subways and all that jazz [literally], but in my tiny country, I never saw someone actually standing and playing an instrument in any terminal. Or it could be that I just don’t get out enough. That’s so not the point though.

He had his little violin case open on the ground bleakly empty and he was playing so beautifully, but I was in a rush and I just didn’t have it in me to ransack my tote to find some spare change. Or so I thought.

Enter My Conscience.

I was halfway to the road to get the car when I just had this overwhelming feeling inside of me. The little voice in my head was asking me why I didn’t stop and just give something, anything to the man. In that moment it was not a question of how much I could give but rather, the act itself of giving.

It forced me to ask myself how much times a week or rather, when have I ever done something nice for a random person? Sure I upload videos and talk to all my viewers who I consider my family, but personally on a one-on-one basis- never. Isn’t that strange? You would think it would be the norm to do something nice for people you don’t know. Or not. I don’t know tbh.

But this whole experience made me open up to the fact that I don’t do those random little things. I feel as if this entire experience, although minute on the grand cosmic scale, was a real eye-opener for me. It made me realize that I need to be more aware or receptive to the opportunities to do little acts of kindness throughout my day.

As I was about to cross the road when I could’t. That feeling was just too much. I made a complete 360 turn and walked right back to the little old man- his violin case still empty and gave him whatever I had on me at that time.

Little moments like these really make you realize that life really is about the things that you do in each and every moment that you’re living.

XO, Roxy!


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