Foil Baked Sweet Potatoes

Since I’m so over the eating crap phase, I try to make sensible substations in my diet so I won’t miss anything too much. Like potatoes. Normal potatoes are really so ick when you start eating sweet potatoes. The taste becomes incredibly different- and in a good way, especially since sweet potatoes are loaded with much more everything-that’s-good. This is just a little screenshot of why SP wins but you can find the entire article here if you wanna know all the rest.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 8.25.29 PM

Recently, I’ve been obsessing over these more than usual probably cause I discovered the best way I like to eat them so naturally, I had to share them with you. These foil baked potatoes are so easy to prepare but the one downside is the length of time that they take to actually cook aka 1 hr max.

Nonetheless, I prefer baking in foil since the steam keeps the sweet potatoes moist and delish [somehow I feel this method is in between a bake and a steam]. I really have been cringing thinking about baking potatoes just like that out in the open.




Drizzle with olive oil and add some lived garlic for flavour.




1 hour later [or even 45 mins if you’re lucky] you end up with delightful soft, moist sweet potatoes. I like adding some feta crumbles to mine and eating with greek yogurt or salmon.


How do you like your sweet potatoes?! Lemme know below.

XO, Roxy!


3 thoughts on “Foil Baked Sweet Potatoes

  1. hey Roxy! im a hugeee fan!! i really really want to start a youtube channel like you… but im a bit confused how to… can you please make a video with some tips on how to start a youtube channel?

    ps- i know its cheesy and you might not be up for it, but would you like to do a collab with me? :/


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