DIY Last Minute Valentine’s Day Treats!

Whether you like it or not, V-day is legit in a few days [gulp] and if you’re looking for some quick treat ideas, look no further cause I got ya covered. These last minute/lazy girl ideas are perf if you need to put together a quick little something for your loved ones or your significant other. Hope you enjoy these simple little DIYs and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here so you won’t miss any more videos!

Lemme know your fave treat!

These pre-baked heart cookies are perf for the girl on the run. All you do is pop open your fave tin of Betty Crocker frosting, smear and then add some V-day-ish sprinkles!


Need a yum breakfast idea? Use a cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes from waffles! Add some strawberries and of course, just for the sake of it-drizzle some delish Hershey’s chocolate syrup to top it off!


For a fun on the go snacker, dip some marshmallows into chocolate, add some sprinkles and skewer with some toothpicks. I added a cute lil heart [made from scrapbook paper but you can use V-day gift paper] to the top of the toothpicks for an extra lovely touch.



Wanna try something really fun? Why not “make your own chocolates [heart shaped ofc]!


Lastly, you need something yummy to drink right? This heart-beet smoothie is so delicious and you only really need 2 ingredients: beets and milk. Optional are strawberries or any other red berry. You wanna be super consistent with the colour to make sure you get a hot pink colour. Literally. I’ve being drinking these for ages now so I think it was the perfect time to share it with you. Need I got into how beneficial beets are for you?


Hope you enjoyed this post because I really enjoyed making [and eating] these yummies for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day loves!

XO, Roxy


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