DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts & Countdown

Valentine’s Day is rolling around the corner and whether you dread it or look forward to it, it’s the inevitable truth that you’ll see at every corner you turn. IKR, just my luck. These #DIYITGIRL gift ideas are perfect for your significant other [note, I didn’t say boyfriend/ girlfriend] so it’s perfect for anyone- from you bff to even your sibling! I’ll also be having a giveaway to residents of Trinidad & Tobago so if you live there, be sure to check out the video for the rules!

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This DIY Fondue Bouquet is perf because not only is it easy and inexpensive, but you can have fun melting down your chocolate to make your own strawberry fondue. P.S. you can even decorate with sprinkles like what I did!


My fave chocolate is white tbh but majority rules in my house!

My fave chocolate is white tbh but majority rules in my house!

Definitely such a cute gift idea!

Definitely such a cute gift idea!


I couldn’t help it cause fondue is my weakness so I melted those babies down, sprinkled with sprinkles…and ate them all out.

So the next DIY is all about getting down and cosy with this cuddle kit! All you have to do is get a container or basket and fill it up with anything- like legit anything- from chocolates & champagne to lingerie for all I care. It’s perfect for a sexy night, movie night or a Charmed marathon in my case. Yes, Charmed is my latest obsesh #sorrynotsorry

FYI, my “champagne” is ginger ale. IKR, #PG13probs


This cute lil container was from the Target $1 spot

This cute lil container was from the Target $1 spot

I think going the extra mile especially on V-day is a must- and making everything personalized is just what you gotta do sometimes. So basically I revamped my ginger ale bottles and I just have to say that it looks so00 much better which leads me to conclude that if you’re putting drinks inside your Cuddle Kit, giving it a little makeover is something you might wanna think about. #JUSTDOIT


As if the bottle wasn’t good enough, I couldn’t resist doing something to the straw. Help me- I can’t help myself.


You can use washi tape that already has words on them or…



Okay next DIY is super cute- it’s a countdown to V-day, kinda like an advent calendar. This is so much fun cause you can put anythingggggg in it. Seriously this time. But don’t do like me and buy things that are too big for the envelopes. People please, learn from my mistakes!

P.S. Sorry in advance to my giveaway winner who might have two things wrapped because they couldn’t fit.




So if you’re not down and dirty with the V-Day Countdown Calendar, you can totes do this mailbox idea. If you don’t have a little mailbox like this, you can definitely just use a cute little box like I showed in the video. Fill it with daily love letters, nail polish, candy etc. for your significant other. Wouldn’t that be such fun waking up everyday to something new?!


Here are two little designs I did for you to download if you wanna put them in your mailbox! You can open the image in a new tab and resize them in Word or something to suit the size that you want- they’re pretty large files. Hope you like ’em!



If you’re entering the giveaway, be sure to check out the video for all the rules!!  Don’t forget to let me know which was your fave idea!

XO, Roxy!


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