Healthy Tofu Stir Fry | Easy

Being on my health kick as well as being home recovering from my accident- yes, details on that ish coming soon [I’ve been given permission by my viewers to vent so I plan on doing that- but in a classy way- duh] – I have to make sure to eat in order to take my meds. When it first happened, my mom was in a state of frenzy and she kept buying food and I was just here getting fat cause all I was doing was fricken eating then sleeping since I was knocked out by pain killers and muscle relaxers. Yes, I know. Pretty dramatic.

Yes, the chopsticks were totally necessary.

Yes, the chopsticks were totally necessary.

But then I couldn’t take it any more and put a stop to that eating crap bs. There was a pack of tofu in the fridge and I decided to take my own lil spin on stir fry- making it low sodium and baking the tofu instead of frying it. I know a lot of people don’t like tofu but being vegetarian for the most part of my life, tofu was just a way of life. It’s also all about how you prepare it as well.

Instead of frying, I prefer baking because not only is it much healthier, but it’s also better tasting I find.





Total bake time is about 30-40 mins so you wanna flip the tofu halfway and then continue baking until it’s golden brown.


Feel free to choose any vegetables for your stir fry. I loved mushrooms, onions, red bell peppers as well as some left over steamed broccoli that I had. I also minced some garlic with sugar and ginger because it adds so much umm flavour to everythanggg.


Combine everything and drizzle with LOW SODIUM soy sauce [the high sodium is disgusting and you should never EVER put that on your food. Ew.] I used a low sodium garlic soy sauce which was just perfecttt for this. Just for a kick I sprinkled some lemon juice over everything. If you wanna be a bit more organized, you can prepare the “sauce” before but I’m just cray like that [see sauce recipe below].




– firm tofu

– olive oil

– LOW SODIUM [garlic] soy sauce

– vegetables of your choice

– garlic [chopped finely]

– lemon

– ginger

For the “Sauce”: 

Combine a few [3-4] tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce with minced garlic and about a teaspoon of sugar. You can also add a bit of ginger to this. Whisk up and drizzle over your tofu and veggies!

Hope you enjoy and lemme know if you tried it! Feel free to add your suggestions down below cause I love trying new things.

Bon appétit, Roxy!


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