DIY Healthy Holiday Treats | No bake

Hello loves! This holiday videos is all about yummy treats-but with way less sugar. I watched a few YT videos and tbh, I couldn’t help but cringe when I saw the amount of sugar going into them. With my healthy lifestyle-one that I very much intend on keeping up- I had to think up something new so I could share it with you guys. Ya know, in case anyone was feeling my healthy vibes. Looking for some inspiration? You can check out my Fitspiration playlist right here!

So onto the yummies now! P.S. if you made anything be sure to tweet me or instgram me with the hashtag #jinglebellrox so I can see and share them!

Chocolate Cookie Bites

Making good food choices is all about finding the right compromise. I used chocolate [little indulgence] to make the cookies and instead of topping them with ickies like sprinkles, marshmallows and whatever else you top things with these days, I opted for things which taste ahmazing as well as had some nutritional value e.g. pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds, chocolate covered sunflower seeds [bit of a cheat but nonetheless much better than some other crap], cranberries [you can use raisins], pistachios and sliced almonds.

I made a milk chocolate batch and then a white chocolate batch just for me. I’m one of the weird ones who just love white chocolate [lemme know if I’m not alone!].

treats3 treats4 treats6 treats7 treats8 treats9 treats10 treats11

Sorry, I did get a bit carried away with the pictures but really? Can you blame me? Not only do these look festive but they taste so fricken good. So much so that I wanted to photograph them the next day and I only ended up with a few left. Thanks family.

* Instead of using chocolate, you can use frozen yogurt if you’re a bit of an overachiever. Good for you. And speaking of yogurt…

Frozen Yogurt Bark

Peppermint bark and chocolate with peppermint bark are hugely popular this time of year but I wanted to switch up the concept of bark with yogurt instead. It pretty much accomplishes the same thing-without the ton of sugar and all that. You can use any yogurt you like-I feel like white would be perfect for the holidays because you can top it with pomegranate and pistachios like what I did. I used my brother’s Trix yogurt since he loves this kind and being the awesome sister I am-who am I to deny him right?

My fave pairing was pistachio and pomegranate because they complemented each other so perfectly-sweet and salty perfection if you ask me. They also look very festive together so I mean why not.

treats12 treats13 treats14

Chocolate Dipped Apples 

In my world, fruit and chocolate go hand in hand-like fondant [my guilty pleasure]. Slice up some Granny Smith apples, or use the fancy apple slicer thing [gotta get me one of those], dip em in chocolate and then add some sprinkles to them. You could ofc be hardcore and add toppings like what we did in the chocolate cookies but it is the holidays so why not. Again, it’s all about compromise and these were one heck of a delicious one.

treat1 treat2

What was your fave treat? Lemme know in the comments below!


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