DIY Holiday Cards

Hello beauties! This week I put up a DIY video showing you how to make some drop dead gawgeous holiday cards. They are so easy and fun to make- especially since they won’t cost you anything. And warning in advance- it’s slightly addictive. So much so that I decided to giveaway 10 of the cards I made to some of my viewers! I’m gonna write them up-hope I don’t make any mistakes. But I mean if I do, it’s super easy to make over. #WIN

Love the way that paint chips offer the effortlessness of ombre. That way you can have such a textured effect without even trying to do anything.


Paint chip holiday cards


The washi tape Christmas trees were a huge fave of mine and errrmagosh I am so in love with the way these turned out!


Cute washi tape is everything!



Okay so for this card, it was all about that String of Lights vibe which I think was totally appropriate for the holiday season. What makes this super special is the fact that you use your fingerprints in order to make the ‘lights’! I got my little brother to join in the fun and his own actually turned out so good-better than mine tbh!


So going along with the theme of the holidays [duh], I made this cute little wreath using paint and the eraser tip of a pencil. Again- super duper easy right?!


Hope you enjoyed this Holiday DIY and lemme know which card was your fave!!

XO, Roxy!






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