Baked Salmon with Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom

Ever since my dill plant passed away [I’m still legit traumatized], low fat greek yogurt/ sour cream with baked salmon was never the same. On the bright side, it has forced me to try new ways to make my salmon- like the pommegranate folded into the greek yogurt in this recipe.

This time as I was wondering what to do with my salmon, I popped open the pantry and saw staring right at me a tin of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup. How could I not right?


Of course I love tomatoes on my salmon [maybe a challenge for next time would be to use something else?]. I’m watching Chopped right now so you have to excuse me.

Also, I added some parsley flakes on top and I got this one from Badia which is a line I’ve been loving recently-I also have the black peppers and the cinnamon sticks. Yummy!


So like always, heat the freaking oven before you start prepping. You won’t think it would make a difference but I promise you it will [speaking from past experience obv].


I washed the salmon down with lemon and then put it into a glass baking dish. Pour the soup over, making sure each piece is covered. Add the tomatoes and sprinkle with the parsley flakes. Bake at 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes.


The creaminess of the soup is going to seep into the salmon and make it taste soooo freaking good! It’s so moist and melt-in-your-mouth you’ll just want to go back for seconds. And thirds. Now I’m tempted to “infuse” my salmon with all the other soups from the Campbell’s line tbh.



Do you have any suggestions of how I can make my salmon?

XO, Roxy!


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