DIY Stocking Stuffers | Girls

Beauties! Hope y’all are well and in the holiday spirit by now. If not you can check out this video to maybe give you a boost. Today’s video is all about that stocking stuffer life and who doesn’t love putting their hands in their stocking and pulling out a little gift? There’s just something about the mystery of what could be in that stocking that makes you feel even more excited for Christmas right?

I put together a few cutesy DIYs for all types of girls-and when I saw all, obviously I don’t mean that literally. But the stocking stuffers are so versatile that they can be used for any girl you know. Hope you enjoy this video and let me know if you’ll be making any of these!

Tea Lover/ Sweet Tooth

All you need are spoons, white/dark chocolate and a  ton of sprinkles. I used rainbow, chocolate, desiccated coconut and M&Ms. You can even add mini marshmallows if you want-be creative! When you have tea, you just stir these bad boys in and it adds such a lovely  (sweet) taste.

Chocolate Spoon Tea Stirrers

Chocolate Spoon Tea Stirrers

Bookworm/ Writer

So I can’t lie-these were a bit addictive to make. It’s so easy! You just need felt and embroidery string- and a heart stencil if you’re like me and can’t draw anything to save your life! Cut out two hearts and stitch together using a really basic stitch. TBH having a hot glue obsesh almost made me use it but I resisted because even though I despise sewing [I’m absolutely horrible] the stitches add such a personal touch and it makes it look all cosy and stuff. You know what I mean.

Felt Heart Bookmark

Felt Heart Bookmark

Preppy/Monogram Obsessed/ Sentimental 

I love anything monogrammed so anyone who is all about that prep life or is just sentimental, this is the stuffer for them. I used a wooden letter [I had previously painted it pink] and covered it with fabric. Animal print just works for me but any other fabric like floral print, striped, polka dot etc. will look just as good or even better!

P.S. 1- if you don’t have a wooden letter you can easily cut one out from cardboard!

P.S. 2- you can throw in some 2-sided tape in the stocking for your friend to stick the letter up with. Yes, what a thoughtful friend you are.

Fabric covered monogram letter

Fabric covered monogram letter

 Tech Lover/ Music Junkie/ Punk Rocker/ “That Fit Friend”

Basically anyone who always has their headphones on! It’s similar to the heart bookmark but you need a rectangular shaped piece of felt and you fold in both sides, leaving a gap in the middle for you to put your headphones. I love this because you can safely put your headphones in it and not have it getting lost or tangled all over the place. Again, you can use hot glue but the stitches looks so handmade you gotta love it.

Felt Headphone Pouch

Felt Headphone Pouch

Food lover/ Green thumb 

Mmmmm the aroma of this will make your knees wobbly. I added garlic to my O.O. but you can add a fresh spring of rosemary or chili flakes and it will be oh so delish! When you’re cooking use this instead and I’m legit telling you, you won’t know what hit you. Or what hit your palette. I mean how easy [and tasty] is this for a stocking stuffer?

Garlic / Herb Infused Olive Oil

Garlic / Herb Infused Olive Oil

Beauty/ Fashion / Girly Girl 

This holiday lip scrub is perfect not only for this time of the year but for your dried, cracked lips. The olive oil will moisturize your lips while the sugar will slough off any dead skin. The cinnamon or ginger [don’t use both of them in the scrub] in it will help to stimulate blood flow to your lips making them look plumper. The vanilla essence will add a yummy cookie smell to it.

– 2 tbsps sugar

– 1 tbsp olive oil/ coconut oil

– 1 tsp ground cinnamon/ginger

– 1 tsp vanilla essence


Holiday Lip Scrub

Which one was your fave? Lemme know in the comments below!

XO, Roxy!


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