DIY Christmas Decor | How to get in the Christmas Spirit

Hello my loves! I spent ages on this video and really wanted it to be amazing so that’s why I didn’t upload it on Friday (yesterday) as planned. And since tonight I’ll be at a wine & cheese event, I decided to upload around this time so that I can reply to comments etc.

Last year I did a video but it was my first Christmas video and it wasn’t edited that good [ love me still?] but the ideas are pretty useful so you might want to check that out here in case you wanted a really Christmas/Holiday themed room.

This year I won’t be in my room that much so I did really lovely minimalistic decor that is super E&I and I know you’ll love it! I also have some tips to help you get in the holiday spirit. For my holiday videos, we gonna be rocking with the hashtag #jinglebellrox Yes. I know right. Genius. haha but it was the best I could come up with. So if you make anything from last year’s video or this video/future holiday videos this year, be sure to tweet or instagram me with the hashtag #jinglebellrox cause I would LOVE to see!

This is my newly jazzed up desk area with a holiday themed felt pom pom garland. I had some extra from my DIY Gumball Machine costume so I was like why the heck not use it! It was the easiest thing to do-just thread the pom poms through the thread…yes, because it wasn’t obvious enough. Just be careful though because thread gets tangled really easily so I advise you keep your garland in a straight line before you hang it up!

P.S. Here’s a video of some DIY desk decor ideas!


Little tidbits to get you into the holiday spirit:

– place a Christmas tree somewhere in your room and for me this mini was perf

– add some ornaments around like these I have below [ya know, ones that can stand on it’s own]


– tis the season for cinnamon candles which are THE best and it will really give you that festive vibe. I wait for the entire year to light these babies up

– a super easy trick is just to change up your wallpaper backgrounds on your laptop and phones. I’m currently rocking this one on mine


Now for the DIYs! You can’t not get in the holiday spirit without having a Christmas countdown and nothing is more perf than this cute chalkboard countdown. I used canvas and then stuck felt Christmas trees I made in last year’s video. I painted a wooden star with chalkboard paint then left it to dry overnight because it literally takes for-evaaa. I used a gold Sharpie marker for the writing because I just love gold and it looks amazing on the canvas.


Another cute decor item I made for my desk [you can see it next to my miniature Christmas tree above] is this snow globe terrarium featuring none other that Olaf! Yes, I know, I just had too. I put a little tree inside but you can definitely add a little sign that says “Do you wanna build a snowman” or “some people are worth melting for”.



Here’s my sock snowman! He’s legit the cutest lil thing ever and awww look at him! Can you even? If you have any name suggestions be sure to lemme know! If you make any be sure to tweet or instagram me with the hashtag #jinglebellrox so we can make a lil family!


Look he’s next to my mega mug of Hershey’s hot chocolate which FYI the yummiest thing ever!

P.S. a cute Christmas mug is a must!


My bedside table looks so festive now with the snowman, Christmas countdown and fairy-light jar. For that you just need a clear vase and then put some good old string lights in it for a glorious ambience.

diy6For the Hershey’s hot chocolate you’ll need:

– 1/4 cup Hershey’s spread

– 1 1/2 cups milk

– marshmallows [optional because it’s already super sweet]

Heat the milk in a saucepan and then add the spread and whisk until it dissolves. Be really careful not to let the milk get too hot because it’ll froth up everywhere #truestory


Hope you enjoyed the video & post and lemme know if it helped you get into the holiday spirit! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more holiday videos!

XO, Roxy!


3 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Decor | How to get in the Christmas Spirit

  1. Hi roxy I need advice on something. I saw that you and your sister visit Canada often and I’m going there for Christmas but I’ve never been there before. I would really love some helpful guide on how to get around (transport) and where are all the good places to visit. Can you or paris help please ? :) thank u so much.


      • Thank you for your reply. Yes I am going to toronto 😊 I’m scared but excited. I’m a bit nervous, like how to I get to my hotel from the airport lol also I want to go the cn tower, niagra falls, the sky wheel and so much more. Don’t know if I can’t in the winter but I will try because I’m there for 2 weeks. Thank you so much for your help. 😊😊😊 … I hope your sister can help!


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