NuMe Holiday Sales | Twirl & Curl

Seeing I am obsessed with all things hair related [I wish I could have every single curling wand in da world] I have taken it upon myself to let you know of amazing deals from NuMe whenever one sprouts up.

Like now.

If there was one set that I would want-and trust me there are quite a few that I covet-this would be near perfection. The Curl Jam is amazing with 3 different barrels that can be interchanged with the wand itself.  You also get their Signature Dryer for that extra voosh of volume. The colour I would choose is obviously pink- I have the pink blow dryer and inverse curling wand. There’s just something about pink hot tools right?


Best of all, you can use the code TWIRL to get everything for $149.00. Yes, it’s that most wonderful time of the year again. Get yours (or your friend’s own) here. 


XO, Roxy!



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