Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks- Swatches

A while ago on Instagram I posted these babies that I picked up. Basically living in T&T means that the struggle is all too real when it comes to product launches and makeup. I mean HULLOOO only this year E.L.F. & Wet n’ Wild products were spotted. Told ya #thestruggleisreal

When I saw the Kate Moss by Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks in the black packaging (the original collection) from Kate Moss, I had to pick them up. I have the red packaged ones which are the matte ones and therefore my fave #madaboutmatte

Can we talk about the packaging though? It’s the prettiest thing ever. The sleek matte black case (I have a thing about matte packaged lipsticks everything. It looks so much better than shiny ones right?) with the red scripted Kate Moss- heart and all- is legit perfection.

From left to right- #01, #05 & #10 P.S. don’t you just love the crown on top?

These are really as long lasting as they claim to be which is perfect for me since I have a 6-6 day so it’s nice just to reapply my lipstick once for the day. They also are “infused with Black Diamonds” so as you can well imagine that they have stellar  shine. Funny enough, the formula is so rich and creamy that the shine actually doesn’t bother me that much as I thought it would. It’s not glossy-thank heavens- but it’s really moisturizing and heavily pigmented- there’s just so much to love!

pretty little heart swatches

One minor thing that I definitely don’t love is the lack of lipstick names. It’s so hard remembering which number is which and I mean there’s so much Brit-inspiration. Heck a red one could be Telephone Sex for all I care. Any name would be nice right about now instead of #1bajillion

Each one costs only $4.74 U.S. [$29.00 T.T.] so you’re getting a ton of quality for such a great price. Ah yes, one of the many reasons I’m obsessed with drugstore products.

#05 is a pretty everyday pink that has become my go-to lipstick.


#10 is a bright red with warm undertones. It’s my idea of a sexy night out.


Surprisingly, I have to say I loved #01 the most-and the thing is, it’s not even close to my signature nude lips! It’s a deeper shade of red-more on the wine coloured side and at first, I thought it would have been really dark- like the way it looks by itself. But when swatched, it’s really a subtle deep red which I find myself wanting to wear a lot more. Maybe this week will have me all up in this ish.


Hope you enjoyed this mini review & swatch!

XO, Roxy!



4 thoughts on “Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks- Swatches

  1. I love a red lip especially my Rimmel Kate matte lipstick in 110 Kiss of life. I got to get my hands on these ones in the black packaging.lol


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