Kylie & Kendall Pacsun Holiday Collection 2014

Kylie & Kendall are set to launch their Pacsun holiday collection on the 7th November aka tomorrow, and I have to say I love the edginess of both of the sisters designs. There are 30 pieces to the collection and it ranges from a more vampy-grunge vibe from Kylie as expected, and bohemian glam from Kendall which again, isn’t very surprising. But hey, all in all, the pieces melded perfectly together. From velvet (yes, velvet) dresses to faux fur vests and flowy floral dresses, the Jenner sisters are ready to take the holidays.

If I had to pit the sisters against each other though [I know, I know, I shouldn’t], I would have to side more with Kylie’s part of the collection which I absolutely adore. For some reason, I feel like it’s suitable to the everyday girl whereas Kendall’s section seems to be a bit supermodel-esqe- (hello bellbottoms?) but that’s probably cause she is one. Like legit, her body is TDF. But still, I just didn’t like the way the clothes were paired up and the maroon velvet dress just wasn’t cutting it for me.

Kylie on the other hand- her style was perfection and umm that “BITCHES” tee and “YOU & ME SATURDAY NIGHT” dress and hoodie are everything!

I can’t wait to hear what you think! Let me know which sister’s designs you liked more in the comments!


Kendall’s collection was all about that boho glam for the holidays


I can’t lie, Kylie is the queen of style. Her make of lace, tees and cute dresses are my #obsesh

XO, Roxy!


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