Dean’s List Vox Box- What I got?!

So I made it to the Dean’s List and I got to try out some amazing products thanks to Influenster. Here’s my stash and I’m gonna be giving you the dl on everythang.


First thing I ripped open was the Softlips Cube because I am a lipaholic and I love to try out new lip products. This was a 5-in1 Lip Care treatment which claims to “hydrate, replenish, smooth, protect & add shine” to your lips. It also has a rocking SPF of 15 and my flavor was pomegranate blueberry- yum!


Obviously when you first see this you think about EOS lip balms but then thing is, I think these are way better than EOS and I have a good few of the EOS lip balms so that says a lot. The Softlips cube does exactly what it says to do and sometimes, I find the EOS lip balms don’t really moisturize my lips in the way that it should- and I have really cracked lips btw. The only thing that EOS might win is their packaging-who doesn’t love those cute little eggs-but Softlips cube isn’t too bad because the packaging is definitely chic and classy. Not to mention, it’s only $3.94!

My go-to foundation for fall has been the Ready Set Gorgeous by Covergirl in the shade Golden Tan 305. I love this formula because it’s super lightweight and really gives you a natural look- perfect for this time of year when you don’t always feel like making the effort. It’s also oil free so it won’t clog your pores which is a huge thumbs UP for me since I have super oily skin #thestruggleisreal Price: $7.99 which ain’t too bad tbh!


Playtex Sport Fresh Balance is something I can’t really say for sure right now because I didn’t have the cause to use it #awkward But in general I do love Playtex tampons because it’s so easy to use thanks to the plastic applicator-seriously, I have some stories…Price: $6.99

The new Frixion ball clicker from Pilot is everything. Everything. I am a huge stationery junkie so seeing this in my #DLVoxBox made me super excited. I’m naturally biased towards black pens but I’m gonna give the blue one away (are you chronic like me about pen colour?). So hear is the real deal on these pens-they have a one of a kind thermo-sensitive ink that not only gives you an easy glide, but it can be erased so easily with the eraser tip-without gnashing a huge hole in your paper…as we have all experienced at least once in our lives. Basically, the friction of the eraser tip on the ink creates heat which makes the words disappear-so yeah, it’s totes magical. Doodling has become THIS much better. I found a pack with 7 colours for $8.99 which is a great deal.

I’m already a huge fan of Kiss Lashes so although I haven’t tried this set, I know I’ll love them. I’m saving Sultry for a special Wine & Cheese party I’m going to in a few weeks days. These are really natural looking so I know they’ll fit in just right with the look I’m going for. FYI the cost of it depends on the store location.

I haven’t used Sinful Colors in ages but using this #NoTextRed shade reminded me of why I liked this brand. It was really opaque and one coat was enough but if you’re an overachiever like me, you’ll go for double trouble. Even though red is really not a shade I like on me (seriously it clashes with my skin tone), I love the message behind it- ideally, you’re supposed to paint your thumbs red so it’ll remind you not to text while you’re driving. Genius, I know! (I’m OCD so that one thumb things wasn’t gonna work). Find out more here

Arrive Alive

Arrive Alive please baes last thing…Airheads. I can’t even right now. I don’t eat candy- chocolate doesn’t count- so when I popped this bag open I was so surprised because it. was. so. good. OMG the fruity burst of all thing yummy will make your knees wobble and your mouth lust for more. So fricken good. I will definitely be buying more of these for those days. The only thing though is that the pack was only 1/2 full and the rest was filled with air. Is this supposed to be a joke or something #Airheads? Here’s a box of 24 packs for $19.99


Can’t put this ish down!

Lemme know what you wanna try out the most!

XO, Roxy!


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