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Hello beauties! So one thing about me is that I am #weddingOBSESSED  No really. I am. I am one of those girls who just dream of the picture perfect wedding and all the little details from the invitations to the bouquet and oh heavens, not to mention The Dress. I am so addicted to Say Yes to the Dress [#SYTTD] and legit I’m always crying when the girls find THE dress. It’s just such an emotional process-finding The perfect dress for the perfect day to spend the rest of your life with the perfect guy [yes, I’m a perfectionist- I guess you kinda figured out that by now].

It shouldn’t come as a shock then that I am always secretly planning my wedding so it’s not a surprise that when I came across, I couldn’t resist- I was just so inspired by everything on the site. Even though I’m not getting married any time soon, hey, a girl can dream right?!

So what’s Well basically it’s like the Pinterest of all things wedding- with the bonus that you can shop!! You can find the perfect dress and shoes from a series of top notch designers, pick out your accessories, jewelry and even invites. I spent ages sifting through everything because I just couldn’t control myself. What I also love about it was the fact that you can view real weddings for inspiration or even put together your colour scheme and then search for items based on that. My colour scheme as you would see below was Rose Gold & Blush [RGB]

I was given three picture locations to choose from- Bora Bora, the Louvre and Italy. You would think that I would choose the Louvre since it’s like the fashion mecca of all things French, but I actually went with Italy just because I’m a hopeless romantic.

This was the picture location of beautiful Italy

This was the picture location of beautiful Italy

There was just something about the bridge and weathered statues overlooking the water combined with the idyllic flowers that made me fall in love. So here’s the wedding style I put together based on this location. Again, like I said, a girl can dream right?

styleBDress: Lisanthus by Kirstie Kelly (who has become my fave designer for all things magical and fairy-like with a touch of whim).

I love the way the dress fell so beautifully and effortlessly, not to mention the  detailing on the bodice which is TDF [to die for]. Everything revolved around The Dress so once I found the perfect one, I was able to match everything the RGB colour scheme.

Headband: Honeysuckle Headband by BHLDN

I was actually torn between a veil and a headpiece but in this case, the tradition of a veil had to be overruled since I think that the dress was complimented much more beautifully with this dainty crystal headpiece.

Shoes: Motif Heels by BHLDN

Can. We. Even. I think not. The beauty of these shoes are unlike any I have ever seen in my life. It literally looks like something a Fairy Queen would wear right?! And the colour is the epitome of perfection. I’m in love with this so much that it might definitely have a place in my “real” wedding one day! Who knows, I might have to plan everything around these beauties! #sorrynotsorry?

Jewelry: Rose Gold Swarovski Petal Studs by Ti Adoro

I am a very simple person when it comes to jewelry and as such, my wedding taste would reflect that. These beautiful studs fit that requirement perfectly and as you can see, it was meant to be there with my RGB colour scheme. I wanted nothing on my neck because the focus is The Dress and for my hands, well, it’s obvious that the only thing I want is my wedding ring there.

I am so happy that I discovered It would make any bride to be wedding planning process a dream- not to mention so much fun! I am so excited I feel that I wanna just put together a ton of wedding inspiration boards now. Tell me about your dream wedding- location and The Dress. And let me know if you’re as crazy as I am about and all things wedding!

XO, Roxy!


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