THE Naked Vault | Urban Decay

Did you ever have a #shopaholic moment where you see something and your hands start to sweat and your legs immediately start to wobble. Not to mention that you may have needed to just sit down, breathe for a moment before the stars dancing around your head disappear? Well yes, that’s me in a nutshell right now. And probably every hardcore NAKED collector like myself in the world.

Of course there were secret rumors and then teasers of pictures for weeks now. Little hints being dropped here and there. But the thought that it could actually becoming a reality…it was too good to be true.

Except that it is true. Urban Decay has released THE Naked Vault.

Urban-Decay-Naked-Vault-SetThe gravity of this is not to be trifled with lightly. It’s every collector’s dream. If you’ve been watching my channel for a while, you will know that I only wear nudes on my eyes so I have an unhealthy obsession with all things #NAKED

You could well imagine when The Naked Vault was released well, I already told you what happened above.

The price is also unbeatable at only $280.00 U.S. and the vault is actually worth much more [$360 value] than that so it’s definitely something that you would want to consider. It’s currently sold out [as expected] but you could just have an email sent to you when it’s back in stock.

Naked Vault2

Naked Vault comes with:

NAKED eyeshadow palettes [$54.00]

– The original NAKED palette which features darker hues

NAKED2 which has more taupe toned shadows with some being the same as NAKED

NAKED3 which is my dream come true because the rose gold theme of this palette was perfection. It’s definitely my favourite palette and the one I would recommend for everyone. And honestly, it’s suitable for every skin tone!

NAKED Flushed Palettes which all have a bronzer, highlighter & blush [$30.00]

Naked: medium pink hued

Native: light pink

Streak: medium peach

24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencils [all to compliment each NAKED palette] $16.00




NAKED Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss [$20.00]

Nooner: a pretty neutral colour, more on the “pink-nude” side

Rule34:  a gorgeous brown-nude with warm undertones which means it perfect for a wide range of skin tones and definitely my fave of the bunch.

 – Streak: a peachy-coral colour that’s just the right amount of vibrance. Do I hear holidays anyone?

The Naked Vault is just about perfect but I was like…but where are the NAKED Basics? I just they were just too basic for this vault? Which leads me to think that there will be default another NAKED Vault in the future…maybe the ULTIMATE NAKED Vault? [Urban Decay feel free to bill me for the suggestion].

As an addict to all things NAKED, I was slightly bit annoyed that this vault has now been released because had I had the greatness of future-telling, I wouldn’t have scrambled like a crazy person every time a new NAKED palette was released. But the damage is already done so that’s why if you were every looking to purchase the NAKED palettes or anything NAKED, then this is pretty much THE perfect set you could buy.

Would it be too much if I had this on my Christmas wish list? Just kidding

What are your thoughts on the NAKED Vault?! Will you be getting one or giving one as a gift?

XO, Roxy!

 * Images are not mine & I give full credit to the owners! 


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