Fall Nail Polish Picks 2014

I just love nail polish and tbh that’s how The Classy It Girl started in case you didn’t know. It was the only way that prevented me from eating out my nails. It was chronic and not pretty. Fall however, is a very tricky time since it’s basically the only time in the year where dark, edgier nails become the “It” thing. What’s the problem then? Personally, I think it doesn’t look good at all with my olive skin tone. Dark polishes have a way of making my nails look “short” or “stunted” and it comes out so messy I just can’t even deal.

Long story short, I just love pastels and well, white on my nails. It’s the only consistent colour in my life right now. Honestly, I would freaking die if I could just buy out the entire pastel selection of whites from Essie. Totes a Hallelujah moment.

But I do have a few fall polishes I have been hoarding and that I’ve tried so these are my picks for this year.

fallCollage1Essie Wicked – $8.49 

Certainly not for the faint of heart. Wicked is THE polish for all things dark and grunge inspired. Go strong with this one!

Nars Storm Bird– $20.00

You can definitely “wear” the weather with this because it’s perfect for the overcast skies.                                                                        Are you living in an area that’s always stormy and grey?

Nars La Notte– $20.00 

This is the epitome of a midnight, deep, mysterious blue. It’s definitely a colour that can match anything this season!

Sephora by O.P.I.  Leotard Optional– $10.28

This is my personal favourite of the bunch and it’s obvious why- it’s the closest thing to neutral. It doesn’t scream “dark” but it doesn’t scream too bright either. It’s a perfect shade for anyone who doesn’t want to venture into the dark side. Yet.

L’Oreal L’Orange – $5.99

Screams F-A-L-L, pumpkins and pumpkin spiced everything.

Essie Partner in Crime– $8.49

This deep chocolatey brown shade is perfect for those who want something dark and almost black, but isn’t quite there yet. Because it has warmer undertones than black shades, it makes it more “user friendly’.

Let me know what are your top picks for fall or a polish you love rocking on your nails around this time of the year!

XO, Roxy!


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