Kylie Hair Couture

So in case you’re under a rock (and right now, I don’t blame you) Kylie is the latest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to become a mogul in her own right- following soon to be supermodel Kendall and well of course, Kim. Besides Kylie’s famous and much talked about pout, she’ll be soon rocking killer waves.

She teamed up with the luxury hair giant Bellami to create her own line of hair extensions- Kylie Hair Kouture. And who could blame her? This is a huge opportunity for her to finally do something on her own and get out of the shadows of her famous siblings. And can we take a moment to obsess how gorgeous she looks? #FLAWLESS


I mean not that her cute bob that she rocked for most of the year wasn’t adorabs. But her “weave” as she so fondly calls her extensions just give her an entirely new look.



Which look are you loving the most? Long or short- comment below!

XO, Roxy!


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