DIY Gumball Machine Costume | Easy& Inexpensive

Hello my loves! For today’s last minute Halloween tutorial, I’m showing you how to make this super easy gum ball machine costume. I also made a slight adjustment to the “machine” itself and instead of putting it on my skirt, I made a little prop with it. I felt like this was a little more appropriate as you can well imagine the comments if 25c was stuck to your crotch.

I hope you enjoyed the video and don’t forget to give it a thumbs UP & subscribe so you’ll always be up to date with everything.


Material List:


– old sports bra / old tank top/ whatever you wanna wear on top

– felt pom poms

– hot glue


– small wooden rod

– silver construction paper

– black construction paper

– glue & got glue


– red skirt [if you choose to stick your sign to your skirt, I definitely don’t recommend using a pants with a zipper since it will be really awkward if you have to use the bathroom]

HAT [optional]

– red beanie




Can’t wait to share with you my other last minute Halloween DIY costumes! Let me know what you thought about this one.

XO, Roxy!




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