Shop TheClassyItGirl!

For the past few months, I really wanted to provide a platform where my amazing readers and viewers can shop some of my favourite products. So many times in my videos, my viewers would be like where did I get this?? And all that jazz, so I decided to start up my own little online store. You can shop through my direct store here or you can go through my FB page and click the Shop TheClassyItGirl tab. There you’ll see  pictures of the items that are available and when you click on the image, it would then redirect you to the main store. Easy right?


It’s really so simple and you’ll love it (I hope!). For now, I only ship to the U.S. & Trinidad I just might expand in the future. We’ll see how it goes!

Right now there’s a collection of flash tattoos which I am obsessed with- like seriously I can’t stop sticking these sparkly metallic tattoos everywhere. Each card is only U.S. $4.99 so it’s super affordable. This one is my fave so far- the Day Dreamer.  I mean look at the little owl!! And the fact that it has the “wanderlust” theme in it. #OBSESH

tat1Let me know which one is your fave from the bunch in the comments below!

XO, Roxy



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