Easy Cracked Doll Makeup | Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and for those of you who already know that there’s no way you’ll have time to plan a spooktacular outfit, then my Halloween tutorials will be just for you. I love to do really easy looks for Halloween so that it’ll be a no-brainer in case you’re a last minute Jane.

First up, it’s this easy cracked doll Halloween idea. You barely have to put much effort into this makeup look and all you need is a cute dress to accompany you. Basically that’s a costume under $10 since you probably have a dress in your closet right this moment.


For dresses, I like this one from H&M- you can’t help but love the lace sleeves. 


As well as this white one with (surprise) lace detailing. The back of the dress is also TDF right?!


What do you think you’ll go as for Halloween this year?!

Comment below!

XO, Roxy



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