#VainGirl Spotlight Interview

Since meeting the amazing team at Vain Pursuits, not only has my idea about skin care changed drastically- there are SO many factors that affect skincare-I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to host a mega giveaway on my channel that is still open to all of my viewers & readers in Canada and the US.

The rules have changed a bit to accommodate those who don’t have various social media accounts so be sure to check here to see the updated list of rules! You could be one of the lucky 50 who get a chance to get a free skincare test drive and I mean come on- what’s not to love right?

Okay so besides that, I given the Vain Girl Spotlight which is basically a little interview about yours truly. Ikr totes amazing. I never had an interview before featuring this part of my life which is essentially the YouTube aspect so it was a mega deal for me.

You can read all about how I started YT, a beauty rule I love to break, what I like most about myself and so much more. So head across to Vain Pursuits here to read all about it!



I would just like to say that none of this would have been possible without all of your support and I love you guys soooooo much!!!

XO, Roxy!



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