Moschino, Barbie and Milan Fashion Week

Moschino and Barbie. That is all.

Forget last year’s presentation on McDonald’s. This years Spring 2015 collection is TDF if you’re a huge fan of Barbie. And seriously, it’s Barbie.

Everything from the bright catching colours, pink, couture dresses, pink, a model on roller-skates and did I mention, pink? It was legit like a show made for the girls of the fashion Barbie world. Say bye bye Mattel and hello Runway, wigs and tons of plastic.

Don’t even get me started on the cute signature shoes of Barbie? I need one like yesterday.


I would wear that pink plastic bow in a heartbeat. I cannot lie. And the print is just so fun and easy going.


I love the transition from the pink shoes to fun bright pastel colours- perfect for spring. The bright yellows and blues look stunning together and all of the models look like real life Barbie dolls.


The colour scheme of everything was oh so perfect.


Loving how couture looks on Barbie!


Moschino’s collection was just such such a vibrant change of style and eclectic fashion traditionally seen at MFW. The fact that it was Barbie inspired made it all the more spectacular and exciting. Can’t wait to see what he’ll pull off next year!

Which was your fave Barbie look?

XO, Roxy

**Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images in this post. I give full credit to the owners and internet sources. 

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