DIY Fall Inspired Decor

It’s that time again for all things #DIY and I couldn’t be more excited (as always) to share them with you. And another reason I’m extra super happy is because I’m doing a collab with my absolutely drop-dead gorgeous friend Michelle from Ready Set Glamour. She’s gonna do “What’s on my vanity- Fall edition” and I’ll be sharing with you some fall decor inspiration for your room/dorm/apt or wherever you want add some personal touches.

I know a lot of my decor is on my desk but ever since I redid it, I’m just addicted to this area but you can definitely use these same pieces and add them to wherever you’d like.

Fall Banner: 

– burlap [or scraps of fabric]

– orange felt for leaves

– twine

I adore the rustic vibe this banner gives. It’s definitely a cute addition for your fall decor.


Quick tip- by just switching up your desktop background can give an entirely different vibe. In this case, it’s totally fall appropriate. You can click here for the background I used.


Fall wreath:

– embroidery hoop/ foam ring

– flowers

– burlap scrap

This wreath also added such a warm touch to my desk area and I love how the detailing of the burlap adds so much texture to what could have been a totes boring wreath.



I think I have a deep obsesh for burlap now tbh.


Burlap ruffles are TDF

Besides the faux pumpkins later in this post, this Autumn in a Jar was my fave DIY. I think I’m really getting into scents more than usual and the way that this smells OMG you’ll go crazy. The first two days you’ll get a slight scent and then a really strong lovely fall scent after that. At least that’s my experience so far. And yes, I am currently smelling it’s yumminess as I’m blogging.

Autumn in a Jar:

– jar [I added a little ribbon just to be fancy]

– apple

– orange peel

– cloves, cinnamon & nutmeg




I swear to you I just got a lovely waft of this potpourri #obsesh

A fall lumiere or lantern is just about the perfect thing for your desk or bedside table. This one is so easy to make and I love how you can use as many different shades of kite paper as you’d like. I used kite paper instead of real leaves since we don’t have the typical fall leaves in Trinidad- but the the texture of the kite paper mimics the crinkles of real leaves.

Fall lumiere: 

– jar

– orange & cream kite paper [different shades of orange/red]

– electric tea light

If you want, you can totally take a marker and add some veins to the “leaves” for an even more realistic look.


Now, if you’re super lazy #nojudgement you can make these simple little candle holders by adding some peas and beans. I used split peas and lentils but red beans are a great addition as well!


Finally, my faux pumpkins! So basically the sad story is that here where I’m from, we don’t have cute little pumpkins like the ones you see pouring out from the markets of the US. Like legit-I would die to get those! Maybe another year?

Faux Pumpkins: 

– boxes [who says #upcycle!!] I used a quinoa and potato box for the bigger ones. In a case where there’s writing on the box, you may have to wrap it twice with kite paper.

– orange kite paper

– twigs & faux/real leaves


I love the abstractedness of it because it isn’t round but still gives the illusion of all things fall

Here’s an overall view of my entire fall inspired desk decor. I can’t even-I’m in love.


Here’s a before look!


Hope you enjoyed this post and DIY! Be sure to check out Michelle’s channel and video and tell her I sent you!

XO, Roxy!





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