Fall Fashion Faves- Choies Sweatshirts

Fall is that time for pumpkin spice- and well pumpkin everythangg in general. Fashion-wise [now we’re talking!!] it’s the time for darker hues, cranberry and oxblood colour schemes, leggings and of course, the fall fashion must have: sweatshirts. There’s something so comforting about oversized hoodies and sweatshirts, it’s hard not to love- that and a totally amazing shopping offer like the one you’ll see below!

Sweaters are so versatile because  you can dress them up or dress down and dirty comfy. The possibilities are truly endless. The same sweater with some distressed jeans would look totally different with a cute skater skirt. Here are my sweater/sweatshirt wish list -which one should I get?? Let me know in the comments!


I scoured through the hundreds of selections on Choies, one of my fave places to shop, and found 4 that are on my wish list.  My personal style isn’t overly graphic so I like simpler patterns like the ones I picked out, but hey, go crazy if you’d like!

I love the  skull print  one because of the juxtaposition of the girly meets grunge look. The pink sweatshirt is such a pretty shade of pink and I can’t lie, I love when clothes have a meaningful aspect-like the words- in this one.  I think it’ll also be a perf choice for October which is breast cancer awareness month [who’s running that 5K-let me know!].

There’s just something about polka dots that are a timeless fashion statement and combine with black and white? You can do no wrong in the polka dot one. There’s also this option with white dots on a black sweater.

Okay I cannot lie. If I had to choose one sweater from the bunch, it would be the dark blue sweater with the embroidered sleeves. I love how chic and elegant it looks and so Versace inspired-ish. I could see this looking amazing with a shorts, ripped leggings, jeans and even a skater skirt.


You can get this for onl $5.99- I’m in love!

Anddd speaking of skater skirts, there’s an amazing offer on Choies that I found out about that if you buy ANY sweatshirt, you can get this gorgeous TDF PU skirt for only $5.99 #OBSESH The skirt normally retails for $19.99 so that’s a great offer- especially since a skater skirt is basically a closet staple. I mean legit, this skirt will look sooo good with all my my sweatshirt faves.

But you have to be quick because that offer only lasts till September the 16th! Don’t worry, if I see any more amazing fall fashion deals, I’ll be sure to let you know!

If you see any sweatshirts you like, leave the link in the comments below so I can check it out!

Hope you enjoyed this post my beauties!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


*FTC- this is not a sponsored/paid post. I’m just fashion blogging.



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