NYFW Spring 2015- Kate Spade Obsesh

I love Kate Spade. No really. I’m obsessed with everything from this brand. I cannot lie but anything with a gold little spade imprint on it has my heart. It’s no surprise therefore that this collection was my most highly anticipated one from NYFW Spring 2015 so naturally, I couldn’t help but dedicate an entire blog post on this collection. And can you blame me?

As always, Kate Spade- in this case the designer/creative director behind it all- Deborah Lloyd, did not disappoint. As a huge fan of themes, I love the way they incorporated the perfect European-chic trip. The trifecta begins in Paris then flits across to Capri before sailing into Monaco. The result? An absolutely chic and preppy collection of bold prints and bright colours- a signature of Kate Spade fashion.

The true Parisienne girl is represented in black and white with pops of geranium and splashes of bougainvillea which appropriately represent the beauty of traditional French gardens. And speaking of garden, for the presentation, stark white runways were kissed au revoir and replaced with green lawns and this beautiful white flower backdrop [hello Kimye’s wedding anyone].


What’s truly greater than a red, white and black colour scheme?

The pink outfit is literally everything- from the white rimmed sunglasses, flower necklace and black and white pumps. Talk about ready-to-wear-need-it-now.


Can we even???



Onto Capri where sunny skies mean one thing: floppy hats. I also love the drastic colour jump which now revolves around pretty lemon hues. And speaking of lemons? There were actual green hedges and picture perfect lemon trees. Sighs. A girl can dream.


I’m not a huge fan of lemon because it just won’t suit my skin tone but I have to say I’m in love with the way that the lemon and crisp white look together. Oh so prep.


Monaco takes turn for the nautical and anything with navy and white is like a match made in heaven. I also love the way that there’s the presence of red as was seen in the Paris leg of the Euro-trip.



The random bursts of flowers make these even more delightful #LOVE



The overall theme of nautical stripes and pops of flowers remained consistent even with the incorporation of emerald hues.


The all white trend for Spring 2015 I mentioned in my last NYFW Post is once again seen and I love the look of matching separates!


Kate Spade is known fabulously and famously for her amazing bags, and this was no exception. I love the bold worded prints on them and I feel like that has become a trend for clutches.


I need all. Like yesterday.

The nail trend for the Kate Spade collection is one I adore because it has the white polish that I’m famously known for, but with a little twist I might try. Also, I definitely think I’m going to give almond shaped nails a chance.


For the makeup, I love the bold white liner under the eyes-it just gave the models a doll like look which I loved. The juxtaposition of the black and white liner was a brilliant idea and a compliment to all the outfits.

kate makeup




Gosh, I practically unintentionally did an overview of the entire show! Hope you enjoyed it anyway.

XO, The Classy It Girl!

 *Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures and I give full credit to the owners.  



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