3 Ridiculously Healthy Snack Ideas

In my last post and video, I share how 3 Protein Packed Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas which many of you enjoyed. As promised, once that video crossed 300 likes, I decided to do some healthy snack ideas. Now, many of you would know that I have been keeping up [and quite proudly so] my healthy lifestyle where I eat things that are healthy and nutritious for you and I’ve been avoiding what I call ‘bad carbs’ like the the plague.

With that being said, snacking could often pose a challenge for you but fear not, if you’re like me, then I’ve got you covered. These easy snacks are absolutely amazing and they taste so freaking good!!! They really would take care of your cravings for all the bad junk. Like ew?! Who eat’s Pringles still? Like honestly, I can’t even fathom eating that or other crap like that again. Ickle.

Feta & Watermelon Mint Slices 

– feta cheese

– watermelon slices

– mint leaves

One of my absolutely favourite snacks and not to mention, one of the best tasting things your palette would ever taste. The feta and mint completely changes the the texture and taste of the watermelon-for the better. After this, you’ll never be able to go back to normal watermelon after this.




snack3Baked Carrot Fries 

– carrots

– olive oil & black pepper

– cilantro

– ketchup/BBQ sauce [optional]

Because I don’t eat potato-and especially fried potato- I just need to have the taste of fries sometimes. It’s like a craving that never goes away ya know? Thankfully, I have the perfect solution- baked carrot fries which legit are the bomb dot com. It tastes exactly like sweet potato fries but with a bazillion times less calories. And oil. Personally, I find that these are much better tasting anyway and I mean there’s no guilt when eating them. Like legit, none at all.




Baked Kale Chips

– kale

– olive oil

– salt [optional; I don’t cook with salt]

So before you go on a rant that baked carrot and kale chips are like the same thing, let me tell you, they most definitely are not. Baked carrot chips are much more fulling and something that you would have for instance, when you come home from school and wanna just have a quick snack. Kale chips on the other hand, are perfect for the munchies- you know the absent-minded habit you have while working on an essay or something like that.

Kale is definitely an acquired taste I feel like and I suggest you try it in moderation unless of course, you’re a total kale junkie. I’m still #knoqueringthekale so I like the taste of it. It’s amazing when the kale is baked how much the texture of it changes. It moves from being a dense leafy material to more of a paper thin feel. It’s actually pretty delicate tbh.


sncak6Which was your fave snack idea? Let me know which one you’ll be trying!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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