Memebox Dermacosmetics- K beauty

It’s that time again for all my beauty subscription lovers and perhaps even lovers of all things K-beauty to see what I got in my Memebox! This time it was a Superbox [oh, so fancy] and it was called the Dermacosmetics [even fancier] Box #2.

Like always, if you’re new to my blog and posts like these, I give a little background on this subscription box. Memebox is completely different from most boxes because you can basically order a box whenever a new one comes out and it’s not like you have to have a constant monthly subscription or anything like that. Additionally, there are like a billion [okay not so much] different boxes to choose from which makes it so much fun!

As the name suggests, this one was a box all about skin which was amazing seeing as I just love fancy skin care products. To put it simply, I don’t play games with my skin.

P.S. Use the code: 94DXD5 for $5 off any Memebox [valid till the end of August 2014]

This rejuvenating cream will be definitely useful seeing as I ain’t getting younger and I want to be able to prevent those pesky wrinkles. Being in my early 20s, I think it’s a perfect time to start using anti-aging products like this. The only thing I’m not too sure about is the fact that in addition to containing adenosine and ceramide which I’m fine with, it has snail mucus extracts. Say whaaaat? Yep. So I’m not totally convinced yet.


This Aqua Essence cream contains hyaluronic acid which, going back to basic biochemistry, helps with keeping things well moisturized and lubricated. This would be pretty useful especially if you have dry skin.


Now this is one huge bottle! Did I mention that all the products in a Memebox are full sized?


This bio-peeling program is something that I am super excited to try out! Anything that has a mask-like property and helps with oily skin like mine- is a must for me. It’s a pad and it has a band behind so you can slip your fingers through it, moisten it and then rub it onto your face-it’ll get nice and foamy #LOVE


This product was definitely interesting and it really gives to vibe about being able to get rid of acne- I mean HULLLO the packaging says it all! It’s a 7 day treatment and right now although I don’t have acne, I could definitely use it during that time.

So there you go! That was what was in my Memebox and I loved everything I got. I cannot lie but it is such fun trying out new products from a different culture. Basically I visit Korea through my Memeboxes!

Have you ever tried a Memebox? If you did let me know what you think!

XO, The Classy It Girl!



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