The BEST Note-Taking Tips-#B2SwithParisandRoxy

Hello my beautiful readers!

Today is an exciting day just because it’s the second video on our Back to School series on my channel. IKR-getting ready for school is very freaking amazing!

No really-you can make it that way. If you haven’t seen our last video or you just need to remind yourself to have a positive attitude, be sure to check out Classroom Attitude 101 with Paris. If you also wanna get some more ideas and study tips be sure to check out this book.

Today’s video is definitely more work intensive so be sure to pull out your pen and take some notes!

Here are the pictures of my notebook that I used in the video, just in case you wanted to see it in more detail.


notes2 notes3 notes4 notes5


Hope you enjoyed this video and it helped you in some way!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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