How I Cream Contour & Highlight with L.A. Girl Cosmetics

My loves! So you know I’m not a “beauty guru” of any sort but I do love doing my own makeup and I live for that natural look. Contouring and highlighting are therefore a crucial part of my life because it helps to refine and slim down-who doesn’t love sleek cheekbones?!- my entire face. I never leave the house without contouring because personally, it’s a must for me and I do it because I want to.

So it’s no surprise that when L.A. Girl Cosmetics [Thank you so much Vanessa!] sent me this yummy bag of makeup goodies I gravitated towards the Pro Conceal HD line. It’s a fantastic product for many reasons. It’s crease resistant and best of all, it gives you that gorgeous natural coverage that is TDF [to die for].

And the price- can we get an O-M-G- it’s only $5.00 US for 1 here and $2.99 here. Umm hello what are you waiting for?!

Because of the very large selection [18 to be exact] of colours ranging from deep browns to paler hues, it makes it not only perfect for all skin tones, but also great for both highlighting, concealing and contouring!

From top to bottom: Toast, Almond, Natural, Creamy Beige

The next best thing is the fact that they have a brush tip applicator which essentially means it’s perfect for makeup beginners since it’s so easy to use- and fun! It reminds of face painting except you won’t look like a clown- cause we don’t do that clown look.


conceal3 I chose Toast for a heavier contour and Almond for a more everyday wear. Similarly, Natural is perfect for an everyday highlight and Creamy Beige is for those days when you’re really tired or you want a ‘Kim Kardashian-esque” look as I call it- and who doesn’t want that? I personally won’t go for that look for the everyday me but for glam events why not?

Here’s an easy HOW TO- or rather- WHERE TO contour and highlight picture and be sure to watch the video for the tutorial!



Hope this was helpful to you in some way!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


4 thoughts on “How I Cream Contour & Highlight with L.A. Girl Cosmetics

  1. Great tutorial! loved the video and the blogpost, it was very helpful, thank you :) Do you also have a review of Vain Pursuits? I’d love to see what you think of their skincare line!


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