Easy Caprese Salad

My loves! With my new eating lifestyle which I just adore btw, salads have become a staple meal. But, to keep things interesting, I love making new salads, to kick things up a notch a bit.

Today recipe will feature three of my favourite ingredients.


BTW did you know that the red, white and the green of this salad is symbolic for the national flag of Italy?!

Two other ingredients are black pepper and olive oil which in my way of cooking are very much used. Normally, salt would be used in this salad but since I don’t cook with salt or rather, I always leave out salt when I could, I substitute with black pepper. Some would argue this isn’t a ‘substitution’ but in my books, black pepper is much more delightful-and better health-wise- than salt.


-Half the grape/ cherry tomatoes [I used about a cup] –> if you don’t know the difference, grape tomatoes are more oblong whereas cherry tomatoes are round

– Cube the mozzarella [1/4 cup] because you don’t want to make this unhealthy now right?

– Cut basil leaves [I think about a handful will do but you have to decide if you like the herb* or not]

– Sprinkle with black pepper

– Drizzle with olive oil

– Mix gently so as to not harm your basil leaves [no seriously I cringe when I see tattered leaves of any sort in food]

* Speaking of herbs, the reason why I don’t cook with salt is because I use an abundance of fresh herbs [which I grow and am darn proud of it] in my food hence the need for salt is very unnecessary.


This is salad is so refreshing and the peppery taste of the basil and black pepper melds perfectly to the cool taste of the mozzarella.


The juices from the tomatoes combined with the olive oil is literally all the dressing you need for a perfect salad.


Hope you enjoyed this food post and bon appetit!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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