Golden Leopard – Fashion Diary

Hello my loves! Tonight I’m sharing a fashion post-gosh I miss doing these! I went to dinner with my bff Chey tonight and the theme of my outfit was Golden Leopard. No I’m not drunk [blame it on her for the name].

Leopard is one of my favourite prints to wear but it can easily turn towards into a ghets look if you’re not careful- especially when gold is added to the mix. To avoid that, I focused the metals in this outfit on my fingers in the form of dainty little rings. That way, it doesn’t overpower my outfit or the print.




Arm Candy: Charming Charlie [my FAVE jewelry store ever]

Rings:  Charming Charlie [of course]

That one arrow ring though is from Forever 21 and it came with a matching black one which I might never use but you know what they say- never say never!


Gold Metallic Clutch- Wonderful World [Trinidad]

A chiffon shirt makes the outfit so chic and again, it all goes in the theme of keeping it classy and stylish without going overboard. Personally, I think that with animal prints in particular, it’s best to stick with a solid top/bottom so as to avoid the indiscriminate catastrophe of clashing prints.

Shirt: H&M



Shorts: H&M

The main part of this outfit and my soon to be live-in obsesh is this leopard print shorts. Everything about it screams perfection and for me, it fits just right since it’s not overly short and tight because that’s something I’m super uncomfortable in since I have you know, a few curves here and there. It’s also very easy to dress up like I did here or even dress down with a nice comfortable sweater or oversized tee.



Let me know what you think of wearing animal prints! How would you mix n’ match?! Sound off below!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


2 thoughts on “Golden Leopard – Fashion Diary

  1. You are soo beautiful. But you totally own it when you wear skirts and dresses.. they just scream you. :) Not that you arent gorg here ;)


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