Revlon Parfumerie Polishes- Review

Hello my loves!

I have forever wanted to try out the Parfumerie collection from Revlon mainly because of the adorable packaging. The bottles are so chic and classy and the fact that they’re so petite, make them hard to not love.  I adore all the colours in the collection but you know me, I’m just obsessed with pastel colours that border on the ‘white’ scheme of life. I know, you must think I’m so boring but I prefer to say that I just know what I want.

Now here’s the thing, the first time I picked one of these up, since they are scented, I expected when I smelt it from the bottle that it would smell like the way they said it would. Unless you want to be knocked out by an intense nail polishy scent, I strongly advise you not to do that.

So there I was being disappointed because I was like well this isn’t the way I thought this scenario would play out but I still bought it anyway because I really wanted to try out the formula-even if it wasn’t scented. I picked up Lavender Soap and Fresh Linen which surprise surprise, were more on that white side I was talking about.

Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap

Fresh Linen

Fresh Linen

The first colour I tried was the lavender one and I have to say it was a bit streaky and needed a few coats to become fully opaque so my disappoint was clear at that point. But then, when they dried and I was just lounging about watching TV, I smelt the most amazing clean scent everrrr. It was literally like a yummy soap scent and at first, it didn’t occur to me it was the polish.

But obviously it was (Lavender Soap of course!)and I was in HEA-VEN. It was such a lovely scent even I was unbelieved. It then dawned upon me these polishes are in fact truly scented-when they are on your nails. I was pleasantly surprised and despite having to put 2-3 coats, I still found myself liking this product.


You very well could imagine my excitement to try Fresh Linen, which didn’t disappoint! After drying on my nails the scent of freshly washed sheets wafted through the air.


The scent is very strong at first and will last about 3 days max…maybe even 4 if you have a really good nose.

Both polishes also had a lovely sheen to it- a pearlescent finish if you want a fancier word  for these fancy little bottles.

I would recommend you try at least one of the polishes from the collection just to have something different from the mundane world of polishes.

Hope you enjoyed this mini review and I was thinking instead of doing reviews on my channel, I could do a few on my blog. I’m thinking M.A.C. lipstick swatches next. What do you think?!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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