OASAP- Clothing & Makeup Haul

In the world of online shopping, there are so many possibilities- one of which I’ve discovered is OASAP– an online mecca of clothing, accessories and makeup. There are many things that I love about this online store and firstly, since I have so many viewers from all over the world, this is most important to me: They ship worldwide. Yes, you heard me. Next up are their prices- it’s perfect for those who just want to save money and still have amazing items in their closet-or makeup collection.

Speaking about makeup, it’s from a different culture from me (Asian based) which to me is all the rage since I’m obsessed with trying out new things from all around the world. I like to call it “exploring different countries until I can actually travel the world”. I definitely see myself shopping here a lot more-especially for the high waisted bikinis – which I have SO much trouble finding #curvygirlprobs OASAP has a relatively great selection of high waisted patterns and prints which I can’t wait to get my hands on- as well as other types of swimwear. Their clothing selection is also magnificent and TDF (to die for). Next time, I’ll definitely be ordering some clothes and yes, don’t worry, I’ll share them with you! Onto my haul now! First up- high waisted bikinis. This one is perfect for the 4th of July and I love the nautical/ sailor theme it’s working with.

Loving my red, white & blue high waisted bikini!

Loving my red, white & blue high waisted bikini!

Sadly, I think that this one is sold out so I can’t link it in for you, but you can see why I’m in bikini love. I definitely am loving this one, this one and especially this one since it’s the turquoise version of the black I have #WANT

This has easily become my fave bottom. The cut outs are so sexy!

This has easily become my fave bottom. The cut outs are so sexy!

For Makeup: This is sold out but these are similar- but better because they are 4 colours in 1 moisturizing lipsticks. IKR, such a novel idea!  This is the one that I have- super pigmented + waterproof = stays all day = perfect for #SUMMER oasap2 Obsessed with the pretty rose gold packaging of these Shiny Eyeshadow Palettes and there are so many other colour trios you can choose from. I love how heavily pigmented the glitter is- definitely gonna get some pretty night time eye makeup looks with this! oasap3oasap4 For a pretty flush, these layered blushes are perfect and I mean hello- 2-in-1?! oasap5 Hope this post helped you find an amazing online store and gave your some options into clothing and makeup! XO, The Classy It Girl!


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