Hairfinity- Healthy Hair Complex Review

Hello my beauty lovers!

I’m currently in the lovely NYC and I absolutely love it here. I’m so happy and my hair is as well. Why? Well for the past month, I’ve been taking Hairfinity which is a healthy hair supplement -emphasis on the supplement part. The reason why I love this so much is exactly because it’s a dietary supplement and not any kind of drug or product that will drastically alter your natural body chemistry- cause I’m not a huge fan of anything like that. It contains 18 amnio acids and for those of you who know a lil biochemistry, some amino acids are not made in the body and are required through the diet. Realistically, do we eat food that will adequately fulfill all our nutritious needs- vitamins and minerals required? Yea, didn’t think so.  And of course if you also didn’t know, our hair is essentially protein and protein is made of amino acids- are you following me now?

Daily supplement to be taken x2 daily

Daily supplement to be taken x2 daily

Hairfinity is rich in these amino acids which means that your hair will be getting all the nutrients needed to make it strong and healthy. And not only does it contain those amino acids, but it also has sulfur and collagen. Sulfur is used in the very same protein synthesis- hence it’s also referred to as the ‘building blocks of hair’- and collagen sheaths your hair, connecting it to tiny blood vessels which help to deliver nutrients for thick, healthy hair. This makes it an all around ideal dietary supplement not only for your hair- but for your body in general! It’s like they say- a beautiful you starts from the inside out- something I firmly believe in. So instead of slathering on gels and creams and all of that, try Hairfinity and take a new approach- from the inside out.

Loving how healthy glossy my hair looks since I've been taking Hairfinity

Loving how healthy glossy my hair looks since I’ve been taking Hairfinity

Personally for me, my hair has grown a bit but it was just one month since I’ve been taking it and I have 2 more to go so definitely you’ll be seeing some before and after pictures very soon. Besides the length though, what I have noticed is that my hair has been looking so much healthier and glossier since I started using Hairfinity so it’s definitely doing something and I’m loving it! Stay tuned for more updates! XO, The Classy It Girl!


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