May’s Boxycharm Box- Review!

Hello my loves!

Today, I’ll be sharing with you what I got in my May’s Boxycharm Box!

Now I have to mention that the box got a complete makeover which I absolutely love. If you remember from my other posts on Boxycharm, you’ll know that that box was a sleek black glossy box with a removable cover. Now it’s a beautiful white box with a flap as the cover. The logo is also redone and I have to say I just love the change. I really do because now, the box is super chic and girly.

You can read more about the new, eco-friendly design right here.

The New Look [Credit to Boxycharm]

Unfortunately, I couldn’t have taken a decent picture of my box since it was covered in shipping info.

However, I have some gorgeous pictures of the goodies that were inside!

First up is this lovely hand cream and I’m obsessed with the luxurious smell and feel of as as well as the packaging. I mean hello? It’s a gorgeous mix of pink and print and I just love the fact that the box and the actual packaging of the product are so similar. The scent is so amazing-like a fresh bouquet of lilies and if it’s one thing about me is that I am a sucker for pretty packaging and yummy scents.

Illume Lavish Hand Crème

Illume Lavish Hand Crème

Why hello there! Look at that pink kabuki brush- isn’t it the prettiest thing ever! I love the size, colour and feel of it. I actually got this package right before I left for the airport and I knew I couldn’t leave it behind. I stashed in it my carry-on bag and used it to touch up my Elf translucent face powder on the plane. The brush is said to have ‘porous bristles that absorb mineral’s and this contributes to the even finish that you get- which I could totally relate too since I did get a flawless finish that was so gentle on my skin!

Ferro Cosmetics Pink Fabuki Brush

Ferro Cosmetics Pink Fabuki Brush

I love the packaging of these nail polish remover pads. Black and white is just such a classic combo and the scent-OMG- it literally smells exactly like sweet cherry blossom! There are 15 pads that come with it and I love how gently it is on the nail-because you know how some removers can be harsh and unpleasant!

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish Remover Pads

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish Remover Pads

I just love me some lippies! And this one from Mirabella does the trick. I had no choice but to stash it with me on my carry on and I actually used it to travel. It’s very pigmented but not that much long lasting so you’ll have to be touching up after meals and all that jazz.

Mirabella Pretty & Provocative Lip Color

Mirabella Pretty & Provocative Lip Color

Anything for your hair-I’m down for that! Normally Boxycharm is known for it’s full-sized array of products but this time, I was a bit surprised when I got these two samples. But all the same, I know the value of deep conditioners and all things nutritious for your luscious locks so I cannot wait to try these out-especially since the weather is gonna turn pretty humid pretty soon.

Embelleze Novex Olive Oil & Argan Oil

Embelleze Novex Olive Oil & Argan Oil

If you don’t know about Boxycharm, it’s a monthly subscription box were you get about 5 full sized products for the price of $21.00 US. I would definitely recommend trying it out because you get high end, good quality products that are full sized-I mean you can’t get better than that right! If you’d like to try it out, click here for more details!

XO, The Classy It Girl!



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