DIY Summer Bucket List- #MakeitinMay

Hello my loves!

Today’s #MakeitinMay DIY post is all about getting into the mood for summer-seeing as ya know, it’s like right around the corner and all. This bucket list is so easy to make because you just need like a slab of wood or a picture frame and I show you how you can do both ways.

I like reusing old things and making them into something that I can use so I flipped an old picture and used the back of it as the base for my bucket list.

Taking twine/ribbon, you can make basically any pattern you would like but I prefer stringing it as I did with the picture frame or how I did it on the bucket list I made.

You can use a little bucket  [Trinidad, Perspectives ~ $20.00 for 6] or a mini container [think the cover to a tin can like hairspray can or something like that] to just add a little extra detail to it. When you’ve completed your goal,  you can just put it into the bucket but since I’m not with my actual bucket list right now, I just popped that little bunch of flowers in it for a nice touch.

Instead of using the mini clothespins, don’t forget I always say paperclips will work just as fine!

My Summer Bucket List!

My Summer Bucket List!

Leave your bucket list suggestions in the comments and I’ll try to complete them on my vlog channel! Also, it would be nice to share suggestions so that others can get ideas.

Hope you liked this DIY and be sure to tweet me or instagram me if you do make any of the projects from #MakeitinMay.

Happy DIYing,

The Classy It Girl!



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