DIY Jewelry Organizer & Headband Holder- #MakeitinMay

These are the last few DIYs for #MakeitinMay and I kinda sorta feel a bit nostalgic over it- not to mention hugely pressed for time but it’s definitely worth it though because you seem to be loving it!

Today’s DIY- or rather DIYs- are a bracelet and ring holder, a stud earring holder as well as a headband holder- all of which you can make in under an hour and are very inexpensive.

For the Headband Holder: 

Ideally you will need a tin can that is wide enough to fit your headbands properly without falling off. I used a Pub Mix [Trinidad: Pricesmart] container which is clear and I really loved that detail.

If you can’t find a container like this, there are a lot more options that you use like such as an oat meal tin can. The one thing you should note is the cover of mine ins’t flat and I suggest you get a tin with a flat cover so that you can cover the entire thing with fabric. Yes- you heard me. Take some fabric of your choice and some hot glue and glue it to your tin. It will work just as fine as mine to hold your headbands.

Headband Holder

Headband Holder

For the Jewelry Organizer: 

This was made to suit bracelets and rings- I love multifunction pieces when I could get it so I try to make my DIYs with that in mind

Ring & Bracelet Holder

Ring & Bracelet Holder

You will need dowels [ Trinidad: Samaroos ~ $16.00] of two different sizes.

– For the bracelet holder, you can use 1/2 ” dowels. Use two pieces that are roughly the same size and then stick them together to form a ‘T’ shape.

– For the ring holder, use 3/8″ dowels since it’s thin enough to hold a variety of rings. I feel like any thicker will make it super difficult to slip the rings on and off.

– A tea plate is a lovely detail to set the entire thing on but please don’t steal your mother’s good china- trust me I was on the verge of doing it.

I love the option to put your rings here and it can hold a ton btw!

I love the option to put your rings here and it can hold a ton btw!

For the stud earring holder:

So part of my fashion resolution this year, I wanted to have a stud earring collection and well, my collection went from nonexistent to practically ballooning out of control. But I don’t mind because they are all so cute and pretty-yes, if I like one I buy it in all the colours. What I did mind was the fact that they are all kept in one container and very disorganized. So I came up with this very easy way to store them and I am just in love with the way that it turned out. Now, I can see all my studs and it’s so easy for me to match them up with my outfits.

Stud earring holder

Stud earring holder

You’ll just need the cover of a box or even the cover itself-of course, a shallow box will be much better than a huge cumbersome one right? And foam [Trinidad: Samaroos- price varies] – the colour of your choice. You just fold the foam like you would as if you were making a fan, glue it to the sides of the box [as seen in the video] and then voilà! A gorgeous and chic stud display!

Oh, and of course, you can use one like this to even display and store your rings!

I hope you enjoyed this video! Be sure to share any pics of your DIYs with me on twitter or instagram with the #MakeitinMay And make sure to subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss anymore fun projects.

Happy DIYing,

The Classy It Girl!




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