DIY No-Sew Sleep Mask- #MakeitinMay

Hello my loves!

Welcome to another episode of #MakeitinMay!

So many of you will be soon going on vacation and if you’re like me and can’t stand the thought of letting your eyes show when you’re sleeping [yes, I’m weird]  or like normal people, just want total darkness while you try to sleep while flying thousands of miles above earth, then this DIY No-Sew Sleep Mask will be perfect for you. And best of all [well tbh, I consider the best part about this being no sew] is that this is just super girly and chic. I mean come on, those eyelashes detailing?!

You can make this in under 30 minutes I’ll say because cutting out the lashes are kind of time consuming but the results are totally worth it I think.

To make this mask, you’ll need a template which I provided for you- yes, it’s just a sketch. Basically this is half of the mask so when you follow the instructions in the video and cut it out on the felt[ which is also folded in half], you should end up with a more-or-less perfectly symmetrical mask!

Sleep Mask Template

Sleep Mask Template

For this project you’ll need: 

– two sheets of felt [Trinidad: Craft Creators $6.00 or Samaroos ~about the same price?]

I find two sheets of felt provide much better support that just one sheet. I used two different colours- a champagne below and a baby pink on top. I dunno I just felt like mixin’ n matchin’.

– black felt for the eyelashes

– ribbon

I used 1 yard of satin ribbon and when I cut it in half to tie the mask with, it worked perfectly but if you aren’t sure, 1 1/2 yards will do the trick.

– sequins/ particles [optional] [Trinidad: Samaroos ~ prices vary]

I honestly love how the touch of sparkle made this mask much prettier. What do you think?

– hot glue & scissors


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you do make any of these DIYs be sure to tweet me or instagram me with the #MakeitinMay so I can find you and see what you made.

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Happy DIYing,

The Classy It Girl!




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