DIY Easy Nail Polish Rack- #MakeitinMay

Hello my gorgeous DIYers!

Today’s #MakeitinMay project isn’t as easy as the others were but I admit, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated it to be. It’s this very easy way that you can make your own nail polish rack without any fuss or trauma of using hardcore tools. You’ll only need a hammer and some nails for this-easy right? Pretty much.

Before you continue though, here’s a little disclaimer:

I never built a thing in my life so this was the first time ever doing it. I always wanted a nail polish rack and was determined to find the easiest way that I could make one. I know this is not perfect but I think it was a pretty decent effort considering I can’t even draw a line straight to save my life. I’m definitely not claiming to be a builder of any sort- I’m simply sharing what I did with you in case you have problems building things like me! 

Make this easy nail polish rack!

Make this easy nail polish rack!

For this project you’ll need wood:

– For the sides of the rack

I used shorter pieces for the side and those two pieces were 40 cm long, 1 cm thick and 4 cm wide.

– For the shelves themselves, I used longer pieces that were 53 cm long [the other measurements remained the same].

– Headless nails

These babies are so easy to work with and literally melt into the wood with just a few hits on the ‘head’. I love these nails for the rack because when you paint it in the end, you won’t even be able to tell that there were nails.

– Measuring Tape

– Hammer

Since the sides of the rack were 40 cm, I marked off every 10 cm – [Sephora nail polishes are a smidge shorter than that so I basically just used that as an overall measurement for the distance between my shelves] – that’s where I decided to position my shelves. Before you begin to go hammer crazy [trust me, it’s possible], make sure that the shelves line up where your markings are. At this point, I really recommend that you have someone to help you because it can get a little tricky holding the shelves straight and hammering.

If you want you can very well alter the space between your shelves so that some would accommodate smaller polishes and others, larger ones. That’s the best part of DIYs!  You can make it however you want.

You will notice that I didn’t use a backing for my rack and that’s honestly because I wanted to make this as simple as possible for people who like myself face great difficulty in getting things straight. Since I knew it was going to be on the wall I was just like err won’t the wall be a perfect backing?! And it truly was.

I held up the rack with a utility command strip which are legit the hugest command strips everrr! To assist I used some rope and just tied it to the top corners of the rack and it pretty much did the job. If you want to make sure it remains in place, I suggest that you take double sided tape and just put a few pieces behind the sides of the rack and hold it to the wall for a bit. It really won’t budge after that!

This is definitely the first of many building projects that I will be attempting in the future so maybe one day, I’ll have an updated version to this nail polish rack!


I hope you enjoyed this post and yes, I knew it was super long but I tried really hard to make everything as simple as possible. If you DIY anything from this series, be sure to tweet me or instagram me with the #MakeitinMay so I can see what you made!

Oh, and I’ll be so happy if you subscribe to my channel so you can keep up to date with all my latest videos.

Happy DIYing!

The Classy It Girl!




3 thoughts on “DIY Easy Nail Polish Rack- #MakeitinMay

  1. Aww i lovee this!!!! I cant build anything to save my life, lol i was pound my fingers when i try using a hammer. I would love to try this., but i have to get strips of wood lik that :(


    • haha omg that’s always me that’s why I was so scared to build this one cause I was like urgh it’s not gonna come out good. But it kinda did and I’m happy with it so don’t worry, just give it a try!! And get someone to help you haha :)


      • Lol. I will.i need to get me wood pieces . Have you thought about recycling toilet paper rolls to make a patterned border? I would love to do that with mine :)


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