4 DIY Mini Photoholders- #MakeitinMay

Hello my lovely DIYers! Today I’m gonna show you 4 ways to make mini photoholders and yes, please note that I’m saying mini because if you use huge pictures, this really won’t work for you.

Palette Stick Photoholder

– palette/ popsicle sticks

– hot glue photo1

Mini Cube Photoholder

– mini cubes/ building blocks [Trinidad: Keith Khan’s Bookstore (Navet Street)- $20.00]

– mini clothespins [Trinidad: Craft Creators – $30.00]

– paperclips

– gems [optional to add some pizzaz to your paperclip]       photo2   photo3   Hanging Branch Photoholder

– branches [size of your choice]

– twine/ ribbon photo4

Mini Bulldog Clips Photoholder

– mini bulldog clips photo5 photo6

Hope you enjoyed this DIY and make sure to share them with me on twitter or instagram so I can see what you made! And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss out on loads more exciting stuff to come!

Happy DIYing,

The Classy It Girl!


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