DIY Mirrored Tray- #MakeitinMay

Hello my gorgeous readers!

Today is Day 6 of #MakeitinMay and I couldn’t be more thrilled about sharing this DIY. Heads up though, it’s very time consuming but if you pop on your fave series or watch a movie even, you’ll be done in no time! What I love about this DIY is that it’s under about $50 TT and the result looks like something from a high end home décor store.

I made this using CDs [round of applause of you guessed this already] and the reflective quality they have combined with that gorgeous iridescent sheen definitely make everything look more magical.

Mirrored trays make such a beautiful display

Mirrored trays make such a beautiful display

I love trays because they add so much character to any area and mirrored trays especially look very chic on your vanity or even coffee table.

For this project you will need: 

– CDs

I really don’t recommend you buy CDs because that’s just a good waste of money. Of course, if you can get it for very cheap then that’s great but if not, I suggest that you ask around for old CDs that your friends or family don’t need anymore.

– Tray

I used this really old plastic tray that I found laying around my house. There are also very cheap ones that you can find and  revamp. You don’t have to go overboard with anything super expensive because by the time you’re finished with it, it’s going to look fabulous anyway!

– Glue gun

– Scissors

– Hot water —> placing the CDs in boiling hot water makes them a lot softer to cut!

This makes a  stunning  tray for your food

This makes a stunning tray for your food

One of my favourites uses for this mirror tray is so that I can place my food and drinks on my bed. Before, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put my dishes but now, this holds everything perfectly while still looking amazing.

I hope you enjoy this chic DIY and don’t forget to tweet me or instagram me with the #MakeitinMay so I can see what you do!

Happy DIYing,

The Classy It Girl!


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